Saffron: Old And New Favourites

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jacket: Zara 
Jumper: H&M 
Boots: TK Maxx
Dress (worn as skirt): H&M 

Hi loves, just a quick one. This jacket is becoming a firm favourite of mine, it goes with everything. And this jumper is a oldie but a goldie. Do you ever find that you have so many clothes but you seem to wear the same ones? Well, this is one of those items that I have worn to death and will most likely keep on wearing until it breaks or until I buy something I love more than it.

On a quick side note, Courtney and I are having a car boot sale this Sunday so if you want buy any cheap clothes or just say hi come down. It's the Capital Car Boot sale in Pimlico.

Saffron x  

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  1. This outfit is beautiful! You look gorg! Need this jumper <3 Jenn xx


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