Courtney: 1990's

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Vintage
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Bag: Primark
Socks: Primark
Watch: Urban Outfitters

Been away for a bit. That's what I like about being a blogging duo, there's someone else to hold down the fort when you're away with the fairies (that's code for spending almost all my free time in bed lool :s). These jeans are one of favourite pairs, they were even more shapeless than this when I first got them believe it or not, but a quick wizz on the sewing machine brought them back from the brink. Acid wash is definitely in keeping with the 90's theme. My love affair with Jeffrey Campbell is still ongoing (I think I'm up to 9 pairs now...) Lotsa love,

Courtney .x.

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  1. love this 90's inspired outfit!

  2. Love the jeans, been wanting a pair like them for ages! x

  3. Those jeans are everything!

  4. so stylish! love this!


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