Courtney: 7 Shades of Blue

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jacket: Primark
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Topshop
Shoes: Office
Shirt: Monki
Sunglasses: Topshop
Ring: eBay

This is for everyone who ever wanted to know how much blue you can cram into one outfit without looking crazy. We try these experiments so you don't have to! We like to do our bit for society every now and then lool. I managed seven pieces: ring, earrings (which you can’t see, so you'll just have to take my word for it), jeans, jumper, jacket, bag and sunglasses.

Things I learned during this experiment:

1. Choose different shades when doing a one colour look

2. Play around with different fabrics and textures

3. You cannot, I repeat, cannot over do it (you can, I jest. I may have, I don't care)

4. Find a random car the same colour as your outfit to shoot in front of (that's right, it's not even my car, it was just parked there when we were shooting, how serendipitous is that! Lol.)

SMALL LIFE UPDATE: Saffron is off gallivanting around South East Asia for the next Millennia without me (booo!) and even more selfishly, took her camera with her, hence the lack of posts, but I am planning to get my own (using her staff discount I might add, so I hope she doesn't read this... lol). I am settling in to a new job, thank the Lord, so I guess you could say we have both embarked on adventures (which is what people tell themselves when their other blogger half is backpacking around South East Asia and they’re stuck in the office). 

Until next time, Sayonara! 

Courtney .x.

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  1. Wow your outfit is so cute! Absolutely love these shades of blue, you rock this color!
    I'm in love with holographic bag and shoes, so pretty! *_*

    Kisses from Hungary xo
    Csenge | Csenge's Point

    1. Thank you! I'm obsessed with everything holographic these days lol.

  2. great outfit
    love your textured sweater

  3. Great tips - i'm loving the different shades!


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