Saffron: The Topshop Lipstain

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hi all, another beauty post I'm on a roll go just go with it, but do not fear I do have other posts lined up. You guys may have noticed that both Courtney and I are lovers of a bright lip. I really feel that having a bright colour on your lips just brightens your whole face plus it makes it seem as if you put more effort into your outfit, and not like you choose which ever clothes were clean (which I totally do not do of course). I will be one of those old ladies you see still rocking a red lip when I'm eighty, that is much I love wearing bright lipstick.

However with all great things there are downsides, you have to constantly reapply though out the day, it gets on any and everything, I will link to a post of mine where I actually have a red lipstick stain on the cuff of my shirt. You also have to check in the mirror that your lipstick it has not ended up on your chin somewhere and as someone who never carries a mirror around with them I find myself constantly looking in shop windows and in car mirrors. So I love a good lipstain, once you apply it you do not have to worry about it again. Well you do not if it is a good one and this one from Topshop is a good one, it is also an awesome colour. It is a beautifully glossy fuchsia pink that looks so nice when on and does not budge. And best of all I brought this when in was on sale for about three quid I think, bargain. Do you guys have any other awesome lip stains please comment and share the love. Hope you are all having a happy day.

Saffron x 

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  1. The statement where you said "rocking a red lip when I'm eighty" actually made me laugh. I feel you on this one. I don't have a particular brand but I always end up having the brightest red lippy one. Such a statement!! I've been loving the Essence Cosmetics range, they're cheap and pigmentation is great!! Love from New Zealand xx

    Rachael | Rachael Styles Me

    1. Bright lips are the best! and I will definitely trying out that brand x

  2. I absolutely hate it where you'll have to keep reapplying. I loved the Revlon lip stains but it's the same thing too.
    -Rupsha | Blog-Lovesicklilac | Twitter-b_rupsha

    1. I know right and I felt the same about the Revlon lip stains which sucked because they had such nice colours x

  3. I really usually don't buy glosses exactly because they keep getting on everything: hair specially!
    Loved your blog :)


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