Saffron: Do we like the same type of music?

Friday, July 11, 2014

We usually only do outfit posts on our blog, but in keeping with my previous post where I mentioned that I would be posting different things I decided to post about music. I recently went to Wireless in London. I went on the Friday and had such a good time. So I thought I would give you guys an insight into what types of music I listen to. I like pretty much all types of music except rock and metal although I do love a bit of Foo Fighters, The Pretender has got to be one of my favourite songs by them and I do love a bit of Muse. OK, so I do like some rock but I don't like metal, that's where I draw the line. I just don't get it but maybe I just need the right song or band. Anyway I'm rambling, here's a quick round up of the music that has been on repeat on my iPod this week. And yes I still have an iPod.

I love with this song makes me want to just dance I can't help but bob my head when I play this on my iPod - resulting in weird looks from people on the bus.

I recently went to wireless in London and when he played this it reminded me how much I love this song and any old Pharrell.

He is just so gorgeous and talented what more can I say, plus who doesn't love orange soda.

I think I will do this again, I had a good time listen to music and dancing away in my room (not a pretty sight I can't dance, Courtney can though) and singing at the top of my voice. Let me know which song is your favourite. Hope you all are well.

Saffron x

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