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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hey folks! Back again so soon, I hear you gasp? Yep lol. Saffron and I were lucky enough to be invited to Lewis and Leigh's London Collection: Men's event featuring Beau Homme, Clara Martin and Chelsea Bravo. Unfortunately Saffron couldn't make it, so I went all on my lonesome :'( I'm an extremely shy person so that was not ideal, however at the door I was met one of Lewis and Leigh's interns, the one and only Clarissa Henry from VintageDollRisa, one of my absolute favourite bloggers! Check out her blog, she is dope. She was gracious enough to show me around and not slowly back away when I had my fan girl moment lol.

It was held at Icetank, a super dope venue in Covent Garden. The vibe was great; there was good music and refreshments. I had the most amazing chicken burrito, provided by Chipotle! It was so good, I had to find a corner so I could be alone with it. And the moment was so sacred, I couldn’t bear to take any pictures. Lool.  And it was like a street style blogger’s dream in there! Everyone was so immaculately dressed! 

Clara Martin


The way the collections were presented was so cool: it was better than a runway show in some ways because you could get right up close to the clothes and see the details. I said that like I’ve actually been to a runway show. Sound really convincing, don’t I? Lol. All the pieces were just incredible, the prints and the concepts just blew my mind. All of the collections had pieces that I would wear!

 I didn’t take great pictures unfortunately; Saffron’s the real photographer out of the two of us. Have you noticed that my outfit pics are better than hers? :s Sorry Saff! *runs to library and borrows Photography for Dummies* Lol.

I had such a nice time, thanks for the invite Lewis and Leigh!

And thanks for reading folks!

Courtney .x.

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  1. Stunning collection. Another great post.

  2. Great pictures, although they could've been fantastic if you brighten them just a tad :)


  3. I love that yellow face T by Chelsea Bravo :) Loving the blog link as well !


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